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vacine policy

All Dogs must be up to date with the following vaccines:

- Rabies

- Distemper

- Kennel Cough

If you have an appointment and your dog(s) is not current with these vaccines, your appointment will be canceled and rescheduled until they are current.

If your dog has had an allergic reaction to any of the shots listed, please bring a note from your vet on his/her company letterhead.


Thank you for keeping Yuppie Puppy safe for all!

24 Hour cancellation policy

Yuppie Puppy has a  24-hour cancellation policy.


Our salon operates on a schedule that ensures each of our furry clients has an adequate amount of time for his/her special treatment as well as time in the salon schedule for the next appointment.

Last-minute cancellations are extremely disruptive!

Owners will be charged a fee of $40.00 per dog, which will be applied to the next invoice.


All new clients will need to provide their credit card information at the time of the first booking.


If your pet is not up-to-date on vaccines at the time of your appointment or hasn’t shown up/called by 11 a.m. to keep the scheduled appointment, it will be considered a last-minute cancellation/ no-show.


The fee of $40 per dog will be charged to the account, and the owner will be responsible for the amount.


We at Yuppie Puppy understand that sometimes things come up!


If you have an unavoidable situation, it will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Thank you so much!

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